President's Welcome

Welcome to Young Harris College! On our website, you will learn how this historic College, founded in 1886, has transformed itself into a 21st-century model of strong liberal arts education.

The College's Board of Trustees hired me in 2007 after my service as Georgia's Secretary of State to grow YHC into a world-class four-year institution.

We know how important the environment is to today's college-bound students. No doubt, that is one reason you may be considering Young Harris. We are located in one of the most gorgeous spots on Earth, surrounded by the tallest mountains in Georgia in one of the most biodiverse regions anywhere. We take our commitment to the environment seriously.

We also believe a liberal arts education is just what students need for success in today's rapidly-changing global economy. The broader an education you get today, the more flexible you will be tomorrow—when jobs come and go, or when entire industries come and go.

A liberal arts education focuses on enduring skills like critical thinking, problem solving, communications, and other attributes that will help you succeed and adapt through all the changes you will face in decades to come.

Young Harris is a small college—and proud of it. You won't be anonymous here; our small classes mean you will be taught by professors, not graduate assistants, and those professors will know you personally. It is quite common for our faculty to stay in touch with our alumni well beyond graduation—into the careers and significant life events of our graduates.

Check out our website, then make a visit to our campus. We have scheduled visitation days throughout the year, but we would be happy to set up tours and interviews whenever you can visit. I look forward to meeting you. The Young Harris experience is life-changing. Come join us!

Cathy Cox